Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So far...

So far I've began collaborating with other students (Ian) with site building for the firm. By the end of the two weeks I plan to have a fully functioning website ready for business. This will benefit me in the personal satisfaction coming from completing what at least in my mind is a really cool and unique goal as well as becoming viable step in a career direction. I think the service this provides as a mode of publication for fledgling authors.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DigiPublishing Plan

Goal: Create a business model for the firm. gather a team to collaborate on the firm. Recruit writers Materials: A team: Me, web design, art design? ... Writers upon writers upon writers Timeline: Getting the business model down by the end of the weekend, then Monday, hit the ground running gathering a team and getting the word out to potential authors I'm still working on the the finished project...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday 5/2 AP Prep

Today I continued to catch up on blog work from my absent days all of which in my opinion contributes towards the AP exam. The responses to Miss Williams essay exercise many tools needed for the essay portions while the synecdoche vs metonymy article was informative. I took a gander at the lit term list to get a feel for the words for Friday; they seem to be fairly easy however some words like scansion I had no recollection to their meaning. I'm yet to actually right to a past AP prompt being that its hard to conjure the motivation for something like that

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday: AP preparation

Monday I was actually out of town visiting my future home at San Francisco. Forgive me if I didn't use the time to study, but I do think it was still important. I toured the campus at SFSU which is where Im going by the way, and got to ask all the questions I was wondering while getting a feel for the place. I know you would have liked me to prepare for the test but please take satisfaction in that I was preparing for something.

A Reflection on Unstructured Learning

I believe that multiple, yet still interconnected themes can be found within the text. One being the act of preparing your self for your goal ahead. Alan Moore focuses on the long process it took Nite Owl to even become the masked hero he is presently. He had to prepare both mentally and physically (not to mention make a cool costume which required a cool name)for his long term goal ahead. This is something that should be universal, most people do in fact have goals set out ahead of them. You could connect this with each of our long term goals of passing the AP test coming in a couple short weeks. We might not all need a costume or have to wade through a bog of self-doubt to get there but certainly some amount of mental preparation (perhaps even physical preparation)is needed to meet our goal. The tale of how Nite Owl got his name can be taken to represent how learning can be taken from anywhere and even the most unexpected places. This is something that will reoccur throughout life, not only in the realm of academics or in the case of Alan Moore the world of the Watchmen